Puppet Show Video Example: Snack Preference and Ball Show

Interested in seeing what some of our puppet shows look like for our infant participants? Check out one of our multi-part shows below:

In this show, there is a helpful puppet (puppy in blue shirt) and an unhelpful puppet (puppy in yellow shirt). The unhelpful puppet is mean to a protagonist character (bunny) who shares a preference with the infant. Here, this infant chose graham crackers over green beans!

1) Infant Participant Chooses Graham Crackers or Green Beans

First, the infant is offered a choice between graham crackers and green beans.

2) Puppets Demonstrate a  Food Preference

Once the infant has chosen their preferred food, they watch a show in which one bunny prefers the graham crackers, and the other bunny prefers the green beans. Depending on which snack the infant preferred, one of these bunnies will be the main protagonist in the subsequent show!

3) The Ball Show: round one

Now, the infant gets to watch a show where the bunny who shares their snack preference is the main protagonist. In this round of the show, the puppy in the blue shirt is being helpful to the bunny.

4) The Ball Show: round two
In this round of the show, the puppy in the yellow shirt is being unhelpful to the bunny.

After watching all of the shows, we ask our infant scientists which of the two puppies they prefer!


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