Graduate Students


Julia Van de Vondervoort, PhD Student

Julia is interested in social and moral evaluations across development, including infants' implicit evaluations and young children's explicit moral judgments of prosocial and antisocial others. She is also interested in the role of emotions in infants' sociomoral evaluations and performance of prosocial acts.
Raechel Drew, PhD Student

I'm most interested in understanding how prosocial and moral behaviours develop across infancy and early childhood. In particular, how do individual differences in cognitive development, temperament, and early experiences shape our interactions with others and what we think about the actions of others? How do socio-moral judgements exhibited in the first months of life relate to other aspects of social and moral development?

Enda Tan, PhD Student

Enda is interested in the evolutionary and ontogenetic origin of moral evaluation, and is currently investigating the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying children's moral functioning.

Former Graduate Students

Doan Le, MA Student

Jason Martens, PhD Student

Conor Steckler, PhD Student
Wanying Zhao, PhD Student
Miranda Sitch, MA Student

Sandra Lasry, Visiting PhD Student
Julia Mermier, Visiting MA Student

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