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What are other developmental psychology labs doing across North America and Europe?


Centre for Research in Human Development and Learning at Lancaster University

Centre for Infant Cognition at University of British Columbia

Cognition Learning and Development Lab at Notre Dame

Cognitive Development Lab at Indiana University, Bloomington

Concordia Infant Research Centre at Concordia University

DeLTA Centre at University of Iowa

Development@Cardiff at Cardiff University

The Developing Mind Lab at University of Oregon

Early Childhood Cognition Laboratory at Cornell University

Infant & Child Cognition Center at Penn State Brandywine

Infant Cognition Lab at University of Louisville

Infant Lab at the University of Georgia

Infant Language Project at University of Delaware

Laboratory for Language and Cognitive Development at Wellesley College

Language and Category Development Laboratory at University of Iowa

Social Cognitive Development Lab at University of British Columbia

Social Kids Lab/Social Space Labs at University of Wiconsin

Tigger Child Cognition Laboratory at University of Arizona

Temple Infant Lab at Temple University

Think Lab at University of Texas

UCLA Developmental Affective Neuroscience Lab at UCLA

UMass Boston Baby Lab at UMass Boston

William and Mary Child Research Center at The College of William and Mary

WORD Lab at University of Sussex


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