Graduate Students


Julia Van de Vondervoort, PhD Student

Julia is interested in social and moral evaluations across development, including infants' implicit evaluations and young children's explicit moral judgments of prosocial and antisocial others. She is also interested in the role of emotions in infants' sociomoral evaluations and performance of prosocial acts.
Miranda Sitch, MA student

Miranda is interested in the development of social cognition. She is particularly interested in the development of prosocial behaviour, moral cognition, and empathy, as well infant’s and children’s understanding of others mental states. She is currently investigating the early development of skills and capacities related to wisdom.
Enda Tan, PhD Student

Enda is interested in the evolutionary and ontogenetic origins of moral evaluations, and is currently investigating whether property rights influence infants’ reasoning about sharing and taking behaviors.

Sandra Lasry, Visiting PhD Student

Sandra is interested in the implication of intersubjectivity in the emergence of morality. She explores to what extent mechanisms such as social referencing and perspective-taking impact infants’ moral evaluations. Sandra is currently a visiting international PhD candidate.
Julia Mermier, Visiting MA Student

Julia is interested in the neural mechanisms underlying agency attribution in infants. She is invastigating the existence of a negative bias through the study of neural rythms and components in the brain

Former Graduate Students

Doan Le, MA

Jason Martens, PhD

Conor Steckler, PhD
Wanying Zhao, PhD

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